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postheadericon Order Placement

5 ways to place an order with CMT: Fax, Email, Mail, On-Line Store, and Easy On-Line Form. For exact directions please see below.


Please note: You will receive an order acknowledgement the next business day after order placement. If there are any descrepancies - terms or pricing - the order will be acknowledged with a note that the order will not be shipped until the corrections are confirmed.

1 - Fax: 586-949-8401

This is the best method for easily transmitting paper copies

2 - Email:

This is the best method for quickly sending electronic PDF or other document files.

3 - Mail: 27430 Luckino, Chesterfield Twp, MI 48047

This is the best method for placing orders with large scale prints and pictures.

4 -On-Line Store - lowest prices on hand marking products and standard stamps

Ths the best method for getting the lowest price on small hand marking equipment.