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Link to Hot Stamp Catalog

This catalog features all the different models of hot stamping units and machines for plastic marking. Detailed information for each marker is provided along with a how to order chart. Also included are hot stamping accessories and options for custom solutions for your plastic marking application.

Product Listing

Link to mite-e-hot page Small Unit, Mite-E-Hot: This compact Columbia Model 911 air operated hot stamp marker delivers up to 240 lbs of pressure and is utilized in applications with restricted space or few characters.
Link to Model 912 page Medium Unit, Model 912: This versatile Columbia Model 912 air operated hot stamp marker delivers up to 360 lbs of force and is utilized in the widest variety of marking applications.
Link to Model 914 page Large Unit, Model 914: The largest of the 900 series hot stamp markers, delivering up to 1 ton of pressure, is ideally suited for marking applications requiring many characters or a numbering head.
Link to medium bench hot stamping machine page Medium Bench Machine: This small press style hot stamping machine marks with up to 360 lbs of pressure and includes a heavy duty, steel bench top frame. CMT's PR912 features a compact holder for marking parts in tight places.
Link to large bench hot stamping machine page Large Bench Machine: CMT's large press style hot stamping machine marks parts giving up to 1 ton of pressure, and includes a heavy duty, steel bench top frame. The PR914 has a quick-change dovetail mount for fast change over.


Link to Hot stamping foil page

Hot Stamping Foil: Color imbedded impressions are obtained by using color foil, fed in proper increments by our foil feed unit.

Link to Digital Heat Controls Page Digital Heat Controls: The digital remote heat (DH) control is used with a thermocouple heat sensor in the hot stamp marker unit.
Link to hot stamp numbering head page Numbering Head: Numbering heads offer marking legend flexibility. The benefits include simplicity of design, and rugged durability.
Link to valve pack page Valve Packs: The Columbia Valve Pack is ideal for retrofitting automatic impact markers to existing lines without additional logic. These Valve Packs are sized for maximum power.
Link to Hot Stamping Steel Stamps page Steel Stamps: Link to Columbia's hot stamping steel stamps page to check out different sizes and types available for plastic marking.
Link to Brass Stamps page Brass Stamps: Metal dies and type require about 1/2 to 1 ton of pressure per square inch of solid impression area. Softer plastics (vinyl, polyethylene) require less pressure than harder plastics.
Link to Machine Base Page Machine Base: Heavy duty steel base. CMT will mount machine controls, or operator controls on base when purchased with system.

Additional Information

Link to hot stamping process page Hot Stamping Process: Columbia controls the three variables for a quality hot stamp impression.
link to with foil or without page With Foil or Without: There are reasons to hot stamp with foil, or without, depending on the purpose of the mark.
Link to Hot Stamp Test Page Simple Hot Stamp Test: A simple and easy test to see if hot stamping your part is a good option for you would be to first dimple it with a sodering iron.
Link to model stamp capacity page Model Stamp Capacity: The Standard Stamp Capacity chart will help to determine which model is best suited for your application, depending on the number of characters and size required.