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This catalog features all the different hand tools, steel hand stamps and accessories CMT offers. Included are drawings and dimensions, as well as suitable applications for use. Full of information and easy to read, this catalog will serve as a handy reference guide each time a question arises about hand tools.

Product Listing

Link to Hand Stamps Page Steel Hand Stamps: Wide selection of grades of steel hand stamps for every production requirement. From hobbyists to tool makers. All available through our online store at discounted prices. Standard sizes are in stock for immediate shipment.
R-Buster Steel Hand Stamps: These steel hand stamps are 5" long, twice the size of heavy duty hand stamps. With easy gripping, no two finger pinching is required! They also feature custom heat treat for long life, soft hammer end to reduce chipping, and are double pass engraved for extra clarity.
Link to Custom Hand Stamps Page Custom Steel Hand Stamps: Your own special design can be easily reproduced by furnishing us with a sketch. Symbols and logos cannot be confused with any other marking as each stands out distinctively. Custom steel hand stamps can be manufactured with a straight, curved, concave or convex on the letter face.
Link to #8 Inspector's Hammer page #8 Inspector's Hammer: A quick, easy choice for making an inspector's ID mark. The hammer and head are one piece construction, and it has a comfortable shock absorbing handle.
Link to Hand Holders H Series Page Hand Holders - H: This hand holder is used for low volume/production marking applications with repetitive legends. It has a solid body with a properly tempered non-chip head, and maintains uniformity even after the strongest hammer blows.
link to Hand Holders - HG Page Hand Holders - HG: Our most economical hand holder, featuring a spring clip release. It has a solid body with a properly tempered non-chip head, and maintains uniformity even after the strongest hammer blows.
Link to R-Buster Hand Stamps page Hand Holders - R-Buster: Safety first! A large hand shield protects hand and fingers from the hammer blow. It has a solid body with a properly tempered non-chip head, and maintains uniformity even after the strongest hammer blows. The replaceable hammer end cap ensures a long tool life.
Link to Numbering Heads Page Numbering Heads: Non-automatic, the character sequence is changed by an easy to use spanner wrench. Also features one piece wheels and consistent uniform character alignment and depth.
Link to Press Holders Page Press Holders: Recommended for marking on flat surfaces with CMT steel stamps. Durable and wear resistant.
Link to Press Holders Page Radial Holders: Radial stamp holders are designed to specific customer requirements for marking circular impressions on flat surfaces, such as gear blanks, pulleys and wheels.
Link to Air Hammer page Air Hammer: Compact and lightweight, this hammer uses only two moving parts assuring long, trouble-free operation. Indents up to 1/4" characters in tool steel and uses low cost CM8X round inserts or CMG rectangular stamps.
Link to POW-R-MARK page POW-R-MARK: The POW-R-MARK provides the maximum force by a hand held air powered marking tool at 8,000 lbs. It's easy to handle with minimum recoil and has a low weight with the holder attached of only 8 lbs.
Link to stamp boxes page

Wooden Stamp Boxes: Sturdy wooden boxes allow easy organization of stamps and holder. Available in two different models.

Link to stamp boxes page Steel Stamp Boxes: Sturdy steel boxes come with a handle and pull down latch. They're finished with rust and acid resistant enamel and are available in 7 different models.
Link to groove type stamps page Groove Style Stamps: Groove type stamps are held into a holder with a spring clip or pin. Used in air hammers, the POW-R-MARK, and HG series hand holders. Groove stamps come in a variety of standard configurations: CMG, CMC and CMV.
Link to step style stamp page Step Style Stamps: Step style stamps are held into a holder with a plate or clip. This method offers very easy changing of the marking legend. Used in H and R-Buster series hand holders and press holders.
Link to round inserts page Round Inserts: For use in CMT air hammers with rod style "B", as well as the No. 8 inspector's hammer. Also useful in clamping devices for station code numbers.
Link to Symbols page Symbols: Columbia offers 600 different symbols that can be engraved on any stamp, insert or hand stamp. View chart...