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postheadericon Rotary Roll Marking

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Rotary roll marking machines are used for diameter to diameter marking of round parts and have extremely long marking legends.


  • Rotary marking head
    • Industrial duty rated 180 degrees "rotary drive" allows for increased marking length capacity
    • Up to 7.5" maximum marking
  • Heavy duty (special angle) floor style machine frame
  • Machine surface and tappping plate for special fixturing
  • High power "3 ton" at 80psi marking ram
  • All heat treated high strength square press ram
  • Quick change dovetail tooling mount
  • Modular air inline air filtration pressure regulator and lubricator
rotary roll marking machine features
rotary roll marking machine table closeup

rotary roll marking closeup

Features Continued:

  • OSHA required air inline and power lockout valve (1/2" NPT inlet)
  • 110 VAC plug in power cord (10")
  • Ergonomic "touchless" palm buttons with protective ring guards
  • All necessary air logic control valves (manifold mounted)
  • Machine program control panel including:
    • Machine mounted NEMA 12 rated enclosure
    • Fused power supply
    • PLC permanent memory programmable control