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Basic Roll Marking: For roll marking, the mark is "rolled" onto the part. It is an ecomonic solution in applications where tonnage requirements make a press too costly. It is also a pratical method where fragile parts would be damaged by stamping pressure. This method can be used on both flat and round parts.


Step #1:

Roll marking concepts step 1

Part in position to be marked. May require part locating fixture or roll cradle as shown.
Step #2:

Roll marking concept step 2
Marking die approaches and contacts part. Columbia Marking Tools' "Seek & Find" pressure system assures constant marking pressure on the part at all times.
Step #3:

Roll marking concept step 3
Marking die moves accross part. Approximately one character is in contact with the surface of the part at any time. Round part rolls with die in roll cradle.
Step #4:

Roll marking concept step 4
After moving the length of the slide stroke the roll marking die retracts from the part.


For all Columbia roll marking machines we suggest using quality Columbia Marking Tools dies and inserts:

  • Individual type
  • Segment type with multiple characters - company logos and special symbols
  • Timing marks
  • Roll dies with designs (knurling)
  • Roll marking numbering dies