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postheadericon Single Acting 8 Ton Marker

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Model 98: 8 Ton Single Acting Air Impact Marker

Model 98 8-TON: The Columbia model 98 heavy duty impact marking cylinder is similar to the model 88 marker. However, the 98 delivers a much greater impact force (up to 8-TONS at 80 psi) the 98 also has patented shock absorbing bumpers at both ends of the stroke to prevent damage to the marker when bottoming out on the forward stroke and reducing the shock on return stroke. The rod has a spring return action while an efficient pressure venting system allows an instantaneous return stroke. Model 98 air impact markers have a keyed non-rotating rod and 2.5” of stroke.

  • 3 Mounting styles include standard angle bracket, reverse angle bracket and straight sub-plate. Special mountings provided upon request.
  • 3 Standard rod styles to hold the stamps offer multi-character OA or OAS75, and single character OB
  • 2 different air port locations: standard end port or side port for restricted space installations
  • Standard system requires lubricated air
Single acting 8 ton air impact marker front and rear views


Technical Specifications

Single acting 8 ton air impact marker rod style examples Recommended Air Hose:  ½” I.D. Minimum
Recommended Air Valve:  ½” 3-way or 4-way solenoid valve
Operating Pressure:  20-80 psi
Max Marking Pressure:  16,000 lbs. (at 80 psi)
Stamp Capacities Rod Style “B”
(1) Pc  CM9X  round insert 1/16” to 3/8” character. Multi-character insert available for smaller character sizes.
Stamp Capacities Rod Style “A”
(10) Pc’s 1/16” Char. CMG06 Stamp Inserts
(5) Pc’s 1/8” Char.  CMG13 Stamp Inserts
Stamp Capacities Rod Style “AS75”
(12) Pc’s 1/16” Char. CMG06 Stamp Inserts
(6) Pc’s 1/8” Char.  CMG13 Stamp Inserts


Model 98 How to Order Chart


98 (Angle Bracket)
98R (Reverse Bracket)
98SP (Sub Plate)



Rod Style “A”
Rod Style “AS75”
Rod Style “B”



End ported end cap
Side ported end cap


Standard Industrial Model
Light Duty


*Light Duty Drawings provided on request only

  • Custom mounting plates available upon request – Please note that mounting plates can not be removed after purchase
  • OAS style rod is similar to OA style rod, with wider 3/4” pocket
  • Proper backup required for parts being marked