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Marking by means of a roll die is one of the fastest and most efficient methods known. Roll dies, used in manually operated marking fixtures, hand, air, and hydraulic marking machines, bar markers, and special pupose marking machines, solve a large variety of marking needs.

Due to the relatively small point of contact, the rollmarking method requires only a fraction of the pressure that would be needed to mark the same legend by a press method.

The roll die marking method is used exclusively when marking uneven surfaces by employing Columbia roll marking machines. In contouring, the machine allows the roll die to follow an uneven surface while, simultaneously, keeping the impression depth uniform.

views of different roll dies

Lettering Knurl (Round Die)

  • D = diameter
  • W = width
  • Db = diameter of bore
  • K = width of keyway
  • K/2 = depth of keyway
  • (D x W x Db x K x K/2)
Round Die Drawing