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postheadericonRoll Carriages for Numbering Heads

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CMT's combination roll carriage and automatic actuator advances roll style numbering heads to the next consecutive number after every cycle of the marking machine. Then the carriage rotates the head through the roll marking process.

Completely pneumatically operated, the actuator is furnished with a cylinder, roll carriage and valve pack. Designed for today's high production, automatic lines, it features oversize bearings, quick disconnect air fittings and hardened wear surfaces.
combination roll carriage and automatic numbering head

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roll carriage numbering head

The Columbia 860R roll marking unit is specially designed to be mounted as a station in an automated production line or as a secondary station in an assembly fixture. It will mark a variety of character sizes, in legends up to 3 1/2" long.

This completely automatic, roll marking unit marks unfinished or uneven surfaces easily with CMT's patented "seek and find" roll marking system.