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postheadericon Connector Styles for Air Impact Markers

Cylinder position indicator connectors as used in CMT air impact markers. These intergrated position sensors are extremely helpful in the installation of marking machines into automated assemblies. The sensors give AC or DC singals when the marking equipment has completed the impact marking process.

Mini sensor


  • Largest available (7/8" x 16 thread)
  • 20 volt/ 250 volt
  • AC or DC
  • 3 pin, 2 wire, normally open (+/- can be switched)
  • Used in -P option on most markers
Microfast sensor


  • Smallest available (1/2" x 20 thread)
  • 20 volt/ 250 volt
  • AC or DC
  • 3 pin, 2 wire, normally open (+/- can be switched)
  • Used in Model 911 Hto stamping system
Eurofast sensor Eurofast:
  • Small metric (M12 x 1 thread)
  • 10 volt/ 65 volt
  • DC
  • 4 pin, 3 wire, normally open (+, pnp sourcing)
  • Used in -E option of Model 78 Mite-E-Mark or -D of other air impact markers and hot stamping systems


A Very Good Question

Customer asks:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have visited your website and noticed that the proximity sensors you use are Turck.  I would like to know what style proximity sensor this is and if it could be cross referenced to a Cutler Hammer.  My customer carries the Cutler Hammer switch in their crib and does not wish to increase their inventory.  Is the proximity sensor a tubular style sensor?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Josh Lenahan
Micro Instrument Corp


CMT answers:

Dear Josh Lenahan,

Thank you for your e-mail, that's a very good question. Our markers use Cyl Indicators which are not tubular. Below I list the features:

1) Fixed distance so the impact marker vibration doesn't cause adjustment to loosen up.
2) the housing has a 90 degree connector for tight clearance.
3) The 90 also swivels 360 degrees for cord routing.
4) The probe is mounted into the cylinder housing  and senses the actual piston position.
5) The housing of the indicator is a bolt on type which also uses an O-RING seal tested for 250 psi.
6) The Turck brand at present is the only indicator that CMT installs as the probe sensing leads have a spiral wrap which allows for the shock of the impact. All others tested failed quickly, some only lasted 5 cycles.
7) The CMT 1 year standard warranty is only valid when the CMT standard cyl. indicator is used.