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postheadericon Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines

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Hydraulic roll marking machines boast 9 to 18 tons of force and longer stroke lengths. The machine can stand alone or be integrated into a system.


  • Heavy duty machine frame
  • Hydraulic power unit with 5HP TEFC 230/460 VAC 3 phase electric motor
    • High performance oil pump
    • Oil filtration system
    • 27 gallon reservoir
    • Directional and pressure valves
    • Temperature, level and pressure gauges
  • 1/2 to 18 tons of force
  • NEMA 12 electrical control panel with safety disconnect
  • Heavy duty sealed roller bearings
Features of the Hydraulic Roll Marking Machine
Closeup of Hydraulic Marking Machine tooling Features Continued:
  • Graduated slide stroke control bar
  • High/low pressure switch selector
  • Dual anti-tie down anti-repeat cycle start palm buttons
  • Up to 90 cycles/minute
  • 9" - 15" die space
  • Standard roll carriages and roll type holders available (for marking flat parts)
  • Standard flat type holders available (for marking round parts)