CMT #008 Insepctor's Hammer is great for Marking operator ID Marking QC mark Reducing injuries

Inspector Hammer #8
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#8 Inspectors Hammer is an easy choice for marking and operator ID or QC mark. The tool helps to reduce workplace injuries that can commonly occur when quickly when stamping information.

1. Solid steel body

2. Blue nylon grip

3. Integrated stamp holder to holder (1) 3/8" diam round insert CM8X

Tool length 13"

Type pocket 3/8" diam for CM8X round type - retained with set screw

Weight – 22 oz


Accessories and Required tooling

CM8X Round Inserts

3/8" Round Inserts for use with 008 INspector's Hammer

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Inspector's Hammer Spare Parts

Set Screw package

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