Inspector's Hammer #8

inspector's hammer

Columbia inspector’s hammers:

  • Easy choice for making an inspector's ID mark.
  • Hammer and head are one piece construction
  • Constructed of forged tool steel with a shock absorbing handle
  • Uses standard CM8X insert with the following character sizes: 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
  • Ships in one week or less
"has really helped reduce finger injuries" customer commment
Inspector Hammer #8
$86.22 $95.80

#8 Inspector Hammer is a ""finger safe"" tool for marking ID and QC marks on a wide volume of parts.

This Hammer has a long handle with soft grip.

The hammer holds a single 3/8"" dia. round insert (CM8X).

The insert is held in place with a set screw.

Weight 1-1/2 lb 

Length 12-1/2""

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