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postheadericon Radial Press Holder/Steel Stamps

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Radial Press Holder and Dies

CMR Radial Type holders are designed to specific customer requirements for marking circular impressions on flat surfaces.
Radial press holder dwg

When Ordering CMR Radial Stamp Holders Please Specify the Following Information:

  1. Character Size
  2. Radius to center of character (R1)
  3. Number of Recesses
  4. Type Capacity of Each Recess
  5. Shank Diameter (SD) & Length (SL)
  6. Pilot Diameter (PD) & Length (PL) Required*
  7. Quantity of Letter & Figure Type Required
  8. Quantity of Spacers Required

*PD and PL: Diameter and length of pilot (shown in red).

Radial press face dwg

Ideal for marking gear blanks, cutter, pulleys, shafts, bearings, wheels and bushings.


CMR Radial Type and multi-character segment stamps come in two different styles:

CMRA Style

CMR radial stamp style A

CMRB Style

CMR radial stamp style B