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postheadericon Metal Marking Machines: Press & Roll

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PR751 Brochure Cover

Press Marking Machines

This brochure goes over all the features of the PR751 Impact press, showing just how versatile and power it is. Also discussed are the various types of optional equipment, tooling and accessories CMT offers to adapt this machine to your specific marking application.

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Link to Roll Marking Catalog

Roll Marking Methods and Machines

Discusses roll marking methods in depth as well as the several different types of marking machines available. Also listed are tooling, roll dies and stamps.

Marking Presses

Link to Basic Impact page Basic Impact - 3 & 8 ton: The 3 & 8 ton metal marking presses are rugged cylinders with a built in stamp holder at the rod end. The PR88 delivers a powerful impact blow of up to 3 tons at 80psi, and the PR98 gives up to 8 tons at 80psi.
Link to Slide-A-Mark Press Page Slide-A-Mark - 8 & 10 Ton: The PR751 and PR851 are truly versatile marking machines. Any mark stamped with a hammer blow can be marked using these presses. Marking pressures can be controlled from 1 to 10 tons.

Roll Marking

Link to Bench Style Roll Marker Page Bench Style: CMT's bench style roll marking machines are ideal for workstations that already have a place to mount the unit. They have all the features of the standard floor style roll marking machines, but without the heavy duty machine base.
Link to Floor Style Roll Marking Machine Floor Style: Columbia's floor style roll marker is a heavy duty marking machine that offers a lot of options for integration. Automated feeding systems, automated cycle, numbering heads, custom roll dies and custom roll type holders are just a few ways CMT can create a marking machine to fit your specific application.
Link to Retro-Fit Roll Marker Page

Retro-Fit Style: Columbia's retro-fit roll marking units are easily incorporated into production equipment.

Link to 400 Series Heavy Duty Roll Marker Page 400 Series Heavy Duty: Hydraulic roll marking machines boast 9 to 18 tons of force and longer stroke lengths. The machine can stand alone or be integrated into a system.
Link to 2 Sided Barstock Marker Page 2 Sided Barstock Marking: Columbia's 2 sided bar stock marking machines mark an amazing 210 feet per minute on 3/8" to 3" hex and round bar stock.
Link to 4 sided barstock marker page

4 Sided Barstock Marking: Columbia's 4 sided bar stock marking machines mark an amazing 210 feet per minute on 3/8" to 3" hex and round bar stock.

Link to high speed roll marker page High Speed Roll Marking: CMT's Mite-E-Roll is a high-speed pneumatic roll marking unit specifically designed for roll marking round parts from 1/8 to 2-inches diameter at rates of up to 4,000 parts per hour. Perfect for high production roll marking of small parts.
Link to Rotary Roll Marking page Rotary Roll Marking: Rotary roll marking machines are used for diameter to diameter marking of round parts and have extremely long marking legends.


Link to K Style Press Holders Page K Style Press Holders: Quick change holders are used on the rod style K. These holders allow for the marking of larger legends.
Link to K style numbering heads page K Style Numbering Heads: Numbering heads offer marking legend flexibility.These may function automatically for serial numbers, or manually for lot or part numbering. The benefits include simplicity of design, and rugged manufacturing.
Link to Dove Tail Flat holder page Dove Tail Flat Holder: Columbia's dove tail mounted holders are quick-change tooling for our roll marking machines. The holders use S style steel stamps and have a retaining clip to secure type and/or logo dies.
Link to T-Slot Flat Holder Page T-Slot Flat Holder: Columbia's T-slot mounted holders are for general multi-purpose mounting. The holders use S style steel stamps and are used in the 400 hydraulic series roll marking machines.
Link to Flat Numbering Head Page Manual Flat Numbering Head: The Model 30P manual press style's character sequence is coveniently changed by a spanner wrench.
Link to Auto flat Numbering head page Auto Flat Numbering Head: The automatic press style features a patented pawl system that allows easy setting and positive alignment.
Link to roll cradle page Roll Cradle: Roll cradles mounted on the work table of a roll marking machine provide a free turning rest for marking round or conical parts.
Link to Custom Mandrel Page Custom Mandrel: CMT's custom mandrels are used for support when marking hollow parts.
Link to Roll Carriage page Roll Carriage: Roll carriages are used on roll marking machines to hold a roll die or roll type holder when marking on flat surfaces or contoured surfaces.
Link to Roll Stamp Holder page Roll Stamp Holder: Columbia roll stamp holders, developed to efficiently mark both flat and contoured surfaces, are designed to hold individual step style wedge stamps or combinations of wedge or logo type stamps, and segment dies.
Link to Roll Dies Page Roll Dies: Marking by means of a roll die is one of the fastest and most efficient methods known. Roll dies solve a large variety of marking needs.
Link to Convex Manual Numbering Head Page Manual Convex Numbering Head: Columbia's model 58C convex roll marking numbering heads are manufactured for manual indexing.
Link to Auto Convex Numbering Head page Auto Convex Numbering Head: The model 158C convex roll marking numbering heads are manufactured for automatic indexing.
Link to Wedge Style Stamps page Wedge Style Stamps: For Wedge shaped stamp retainers and backing plate sets, Wedge shaped stamps offer extra clarity and ACCoat for durability and self cleaning.
Link to Groove Style Stamps page Groove Style Stamps: Groove type stamps are held into a holder with a spring clip or pin. This pin is made of spring steel, and is designed to withstand impact forces. Groove stamps comes in a variety of standard configurations: CMG, CMC and CMV.
link to step style steel stamps page Step Style Stamps: Step style stamps are held into a holder with a plate or clip. This method offers very easy changing of the marking legend.



Link to Marking methods page Marking Methods: A visual depiction of the various types of marking on tubes, flat and round parts.
Link to Roll Marking Concept Page Roll Marking Concept: For roll marking, the mark is "rolled" onto the part. It is an ecomonic solution in applications where tonnage requirements make a press too costly. It is also a pratical method where fragile parts would be damaged by stamping pressure.
Link to Marking Pressure Page Pressure Chart: A detailed chart showing the relationship between character size and depth of mark, taking into account the type of material being marked as well.
Link to character size page Character Size: Actual size examples of character sizes, including height, width and spacing of characters, engraved on steel roll, stamping and embossing dies.
Link to How to Order Stamps Page Ordering Stamps: An informative guide to assist you in ordering individual characters and punctuation stamps, as well as logo dies and segments.