Handy Andy Top

Handy Andy X Dot-Peen System

Handy Andy Rotator Upgrade
$2,027.03 $2,252.25
The Handy Andy 3rd axis rotator makes marking on the OD of round parts possible.

Handy Andy X Dot-Peen Marking Machine
$3,675.00 $5,145.00
Fully programmable, the Handy Andy X can automatically apply serial numbering, date codes, job numbers, lot numbers, and even company logos. The PC software works with Windows® (Xp and newer versions) and is easy to understand and operate. Simple pull-down menus, icons, hot keys, text orientation control and point and click features minimize training time. The marker unit is very compact, measuring only 9.85 x 10.25 x 6.3-inches. A two-axis stepper motor connected to the PC by a USB connection controls the dot peen marking stylus. Pneumatic dot peen force is 14.5 psi maximum, which allows for marking thin-walled, fragile parts. Standard features include a 14 x 15-inch table with a vertical height-adjustable post that mounts the marking unit. Vertical height adjustment is up to 7.9-inches. The Handy Andy marking unit, pressure gauge, stand and software can be purchased for under $4,000, an investment that is half the cost of most lower-end conventional programmable marking machines.
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