Hand Holder

Columbia offers three style of hand holders to meet customer's varying requirements. All of Columbia's handholders have a 6" or greater hand holding area. These tools are desgined for heavy industrial use.

1) Groove Style Hand holder with pin retension method. this is the most economical and uses the standard CMG groove style stamps. Is very good for marking legends that do not change frequently. HG-2-views-small.gif
2) Easy Clip Hand holder has a easy press release for quick changeover of type. This holder uses the CMS step style type. This is the most commonly purchased holder. H-series-Hand-holder-small.jpg
3)R-Buster hand holder. This is an EXTREME handholder offering the maximum in hand protection for a hand held marking device. this uses the Easy Clip method of stamp retension. R-BusterWeb.jpg
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