CMG Groove Style Stamps

Columbia's Groove Style Stamps are held into a holder with a spring clip or pin.

These stamps are for use in all impact markers, HG Series Hand Holders and custom holders.

Made from tool steel

Heat treated to Rc 58-60

Standard length is 7/8" is measured from the back of the stamp to the front face of the character

Items are in stock and ship in 1 week or less



Char. Size A B C Catalog No
1/16 1/16-inch 1/4-inch 7/8-inch CMG06
3/32 3/32-inch 1/4-inch 7/8-inch CMG09
1/8 1/8-inch 1/4-inch 7/8-inch CMG13
5/32 5/32-inch 1/4-inch 7/8-inch CMG16
5/32 3/16-inch 5/16-inch 7/8-inch CMG16W
5/32 5/32-inch 1/4-inch 7/8-inch CMG16N
3/16 3/16-inch 5/16-inch 7/8-inch CMG19
1/4 1/4-inch 3/8-inch 7/8-inch CMG25


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