Handy Andy X Dot-Peen Marking Machine

Fully programmable, the Handy Andy X can automatically apply serial numbering, date codes, job numbers, lot numbers, and even company logos. The PC software works with Windows® (Xp and newer versions) and is easy to understand and operate. Simple pull-down menus, icons, hot keys, text orientation control and point and click features minimize training time.

Technical Flier


The marker unit is very compact, measuring only 9.85 x 10.25 x 6.3-inches. A two-axis stepper motor connected to the PC by a USB connection controls the dot peen marking stylus. Pneumatic dot peen force is 14.5 psi maximum, which allows for marking thin-walled, fragile parts. Standard features include a 14 x 15-inch table with a vertical height-adjustable post that mounts the marking unit. Vertical height adjustment is up to 7.9-inches. The Handy Andy marking unit, pressure gauge, stand and software can be purchased for under $4,000, an investment that is half the cost of most lower-end conventional programmable marking machines.

$2,900.00 $4,900.00 You Save $2,000.00
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* 3.15" x 1.97" marking window

* 3-4 characters per second

* Marks plastic, wood, and metal (up to 50 Rc)

* USB interface (connector included 6' length)

* 1/4 NPT fitting Required

* Pressure/Depth control through supplied regulator

* 3 ft hose supplied to connect head to regulator

* Electrical motors for the X-Y axis require 110 vac power

* 6 ft electrical cord supplied * Carbide pin included

* Billet aluminum T-slot table 12" x 15"

* Heavy duty column with manual adjustment (for parts up to 10 3/4" tall) PC Software included:

* PC required (not supplied)

* Simple icons

* Layout preview of mark

* Radial marks

* Automatic serialization

* Automatic Date coding

* Build logos with internal basic shapes

* Import logos - from DXF file

* Works with any windows platform


How to Use

Requires Customer PC. This system functions as a "printer". CMT will provide software that is installed on customer's PC. The software creates programs to print on the Handy Andy.
System will require both 110V Ac and Compressed Air
Will ship within one week from placement of order
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