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Handy Andy X

Handy Andy X: This bench top dot-peen industrial marking system is the most economical marker in its class.

The Handy Andy is the perfect marking solution for small shops and tool rooms. This low production marking system offers an easy to use windows software interface.

Software Free with purchase!

Date Codes - Yes

Serial Number - Yes

Logos - Yes

Marking on a Arc - Yes

Thousands of Programs - Yes




Handy Andy X Dot-Peen Marking Machine $4,900.00 $3,920.00 Online Sale! HANDYANDYX

Fully programmable, the Handy Andy X can automatically apply serial numbering, date codes, job numbers, lot numbers, and even company logos. The PC software works with Windows® (Xp and newer versions) and is easy to understand and operate. Simple pull-down menus, icons, hot keys, text orientation control and point and click features minimize training time.


The marker unit is very compact, measuring only 9.85 x 10.25 x 6.3-inches. A two-axis stepper motor connected to the PC by a USB connection controls the dot peen marking stylus. Pneumatic dot peen force is 14.5 psi maximum, which allows for marking thin-walled, fragile parts. Standard features include a 14 x 15-inch table with a vertical height-adjustable post that mounts the marking unit. Vertical height adjustment is up to 7.9-inches. The Handy Andy marking unit, pressure gauge, stand and software can be purchased for under $4,000, an investment that is half the cost of most lower-end conventional programmable marking machines.

Band Fixture $390.00 $351.00 Online Sale! PLF10AA7692

Band Fixture Plate to Mount on Dot-Peen System

Adjustable Vise $490.00 $441.00 Online Sale! PRGVISE

Adjustable vise with master fixture plate to position on programmable marking systems standard CMT bench top frames.

4" width opening
4" across jaws
1 9/16" depth

Also included: t-slot mounting bolts

Adjustable Tag Fixture Plate $950.00 $760.00 Online Sale! PLFAE3525

PLFAE3525- Special (3) position tag fixture for Bench Top Marking machine


Key Fixture $250.00 $200.00 Online Sale! PRGKEY1

Part locating Fixture  for one key (<5" long).

Machined positioning depression in fixture plate.

Hardened and black oxide plate with (4) through holes for

locating plate on T-slot table with T bolts.

IM-ID-PINEX10-1 $215.00 $172.00 Online Sale! IMIDPINEX101

 Extended pin replacement 45 degree