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postheadericon Large Bench Hot Stamping Machine

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Large Press PR914 - up to 1 ton

  • Heavy duty, steel bench top frame
  • Double acting pneumatic press**
  • Keyed non-rotating rod
  • Tooling mount for heat control adapter or numbering head
  • Air valve, air filter, pressure regulator and lubricator
  • OSHA required air shutoff valve with lockout
  • Air dual ant-tie down anti-repeat palm buttons
  • Pneumatic timer dwell control
PR914 hot stamping machine


Hot stamp holder

Standard Hot Stamp Holders:

  • Quick change, dovetail mount
  • Simple changeover - holders can be mounted and removed from the heat control adapter in seconds
  • Standard holders use CMSH-step style hot stamps



  • Thermocouple (for use with remote heat control) plug in or theroswitch (for manual adjustment of heat)
  • 3' high tem. plug in power cable
  • Press shank
  • Dovetail mount holder
  • Dual high density cartridge heaters
  • Heat insulation
  • Terminal box

Deluxe Features:

  • Standard features of basic model
  • Ergonomic touch-less electric dual antie-tie down, antie-repeat palm buttons
  • Digital heat control with LCD readout
  • Solid state electronic dwell control

Foil feed closeup

Ultra-Foil Features:

  • Standard features of basic model
  • Upgrade of deluxe model
  • PLC controls
  • Complete foil feed system
  • Solid state electronic dwell control


Optional Equipment

  • Slide feed chases
  • XY positioning tables
  • Automatic/manual fixtures
  • Color transfer foil systems
  • high production rotary fixtures
  • Pre-determining digital counters
  • Foil break and/or runout sensors
  • Part sensors
  • Feeder bowls
  • Auto-feed and eject systems
  • Assembly (staking) operations
  • Vision systems
  • Hot stamping numbering heads
  • Safety enclosures
  • Light curtain safety systems
  • Special machine stands